Saturday, September 18, 2010



They say the stars are in your eyes
comets, cosmic clouds, prophet-seeing skies
I know I haven't got a clue
That's why I'm shyly stalking you
Hoping you'll look, and see me through
My hopeless little life.

Mythic fairy tales come true
Or so they say, if we pray and pay what's due
I want the omnibus surprise
The chance to truly realize
What lies behind the veiled disguise
Of my hopeless little life.

You treat me like I am not here.
You turn away, saying "I'm no seer."
But when I look into your eyes
the clouds whirl right out of the skies
and for that moment I am wise
full of hope and full of life
why can't you see that I'm like you
a fairy tale becoming true
through all the struggle, all the strife
of this hopeless little life.

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