Friday, September 24, 2010

Under a Piscean Moon

Under a Piscean Moon

Gods have their reasons,
dramas, power plays,
aesthetic necessities,
ecstatic passions.
Our concerns are of another realm,
born responsible for managing our fate
until it overwhelms.
Job thought himself holy,
was doing fine, not realizing
his role as fool.
Hitler, too, saw his glorious plan
unfolding, paradise on Earth.
Did he think "They will equate my name
with evil."  ?  What is worth eternal life
as history and myth?
If I could have one answer
assured to be True,
what would be my quest?
Is there one Truth, above the rest?
Selection is a process,
winnowing down.

My quest:

How do I encompass
all that will make me strong and wise
in one easy lesson?

Walking along evening
a darkening, unknown road,
smell the blooming lilacs,
ease eyes upon gentle beauty,
each next step
taking itself.

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