Friday, September 24, 2010


I do not come to you again
I do not lay my burdens
at your most comely door
I do not express my profound
pleasures or heart-thumping
fears or simple
curiosities and frank discussion 
for your derisive dismissal.
The web encloses on itself,
twisting tighter, til unaware of
sensation beyond.
I carry far too many expectations.
Unsatisfied by driveling prattle
or patterned response, I demand!
Yet, I do see eternal truth in the fallacy.
I cannot demand that which 
cannot exist.
Sunshine Daydream wizened into
Norma Jones trading in
new age catechism
waxing white candle
burns through the night
speaking of faith
dependent on light
I do not burden you with shadows.
I zip into mine without apology.
Here, beneath, I sing
hallowed mysteries.
I no longer offer you my dreams,
nor ask for yours.

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